Alvababy Cloth Diapers is a China-based online retailer that sells high quality organic cloth diapers worldwide. Our blue-ribbon brand has been a global sensation since its creation in 2006 and we strive to empower our customers with great service while shopping online. Alvababy offers its customers, whoever and wherever they may be, the best possible price – the lowest price. Whether you’re a retailer seeking high quality products at a low price or are just a smart shopper looking for the latest products, Alvababy is there to meet your needs! As the biggest diaper manufactures in China, we are able to provide great service, low prices and one of the highest standards for quality on the market. 

Organic Cloth Diapers by Alvababy

Disposable diapers have been getting super expensive and aren’t exactly great for the environment. Alvababy cloth diapers are definitely a game-changer, providing you with a high quality and environmentally better alternative. These versatile cloth diapers are adjustable with several rows of snaps to provide your baby with a nappy that fits them comfortably. With several cute, waterproof and breathable outer shell designs, a suede moisture-absorbing inner section, and inserts with three layers of super-absorbent 100% microfiber terry cloth, your baby is going to be dry and stylish. 

Fully adjustable, super-absorbent, 100% microfiber terry cloth, and trendy organic cloth diaper


  • Outer layer – made from a waterproof and breathable TPU
  • Inner layer – moisture-wicking suede
  • Insert – three layers of 100% microfiber terry cloth

How to Use:

  • Wash diaper before first use
  • Adjust the snaps to fit your baby
  • Insert the ‘Alvababy Diaper Insert’ into the pocket
  • Fasten the diaper on your baby using the snaps
  • Change insert when wet or soiled
  • For overnight use – use two inserts and adjust the diaper to be one size bigger


  • Suitable for babies and toddlers approx. 3kg–15kg (6.6lbs–33lbs)
  • Diaper: approx. – 38.1cm length x 33cm width (15” length x 13” width)
  • Diaper Insert: approx. – 34.8cm length x 14cm width (13.7” length x 5.5” width)


  • Machine washable – under 30˚C (86˚F)
  • Remove any solids from inserts
  • Wash the insert and diaper cover separately

Safe for your baby:

Alvababy cloth diapers are completely safe and comfortable for your little one. Designed carefully with moisture-wicking materials to ensure even the most sensitive of baby skin won’t feel irritated. You’ll know when it’s time to change the diapers insert as you may feel some moisture. However, the layers next to your baby’s skin will remain soft and dry, keeping your baby super comfy! 

Handy Tips:

Prerinsing the diaper can help to ensure that none of your baby’s waste is going into your washing machine. This keeps both your machine clean and makes sure that the diaper gets washed properly. Adding a little salt in the water when washing your cloth diapers can help to sanitise them. Just make sure to rinse the diapers in fresh water afterwards! 

The Verdict?

Alvababy Cloth Diapers are the perfect choice if you’re looking for cute, comfortable, premium quality organic cloth diapers. With plenty of secure snaps, this diaper is completely adjustable and creates the perfect fit for your newborn baby or toddler. These diapers are also very economical! If you buy a few Alvababy cloth diapers now, you will be saved from having to spend your money on a ton of single use, disposable diapers over the years. The innovative design – including a breathable yet waterproof outer diaper cover, a suede inner layer, and three layers of incredibly absorbent 100% Microfiber Terry Cloth – will make sure that your baby is dry, covered, and content. If you’re not convinced yet, your baby will not only be one of the comfiest out there, but also one of the cutest! These diapers not only do their job as diapers, they feature a range of adorable designs in different colours and patterns, ensuring your bub is able to experience the world in cute, cloth diaper-wearing style! 


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