Taking care of a baby is itself a big job and a good diaper may act like a best friend for parents and their baby. There is nothing worse than a baby feeling pain and crying because of diaper rashes and irritation.

In 2013, Hansen Kids LLC Company, located in Michigan, released their dream diapers, Andy Pandy Premium Bamboo Organic Disposable Diapers. These are made is an inspiration of their love for family and the planet.

Andy Pandy Diapers is one the best diapers for parents who are worried about their baby’s health as well as about environment. These diapers are approved environment friendly. This company claims that their diapers are made by 100% bamboo pulp and fiber. Bamboo is very soft to skin and strong enough to absorb all the wetness and to prevent leakage. These are free from any harmful chemicals. They do not cause rashes even to sensitive skin.

The company has set three goals for making these diapers:

  • Save money
  • Save environment
  • Save baby’s skin


  • 100% bamboo fiber and pulp
  • Total chlorine free
  • Pure natural aloe essence
  • Velcro tape and elastic in waistband
  • Wetness indicating PH strip


Soft and comfortable:

Andy Pandy Diapers are super soft and comfortable to the baby’s skin. They are made from 100% pure bamboo fiber and pulp. Bamboo are super absorbent and strong enough to prevent blowout and leakage. They do not cause rashes or irritation to baby’s skin. Wetness indicator is also a plus point of these diapers. Thermal balance and moisture control is the main feature of bamboo used in these diapers which keep the baby’s skin dry, soft, rash free and comfortable.


Andy Pandy Diapers are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They do not cause pollution. The bamboo used for the diaper production is eco-friendly and is the most occurring renewable resource on earth which grows without any use of chemical fertilizers.


Andy Pandy Diapers are totally safe for the baby. These diapers are total chlorine free and no preservatives are added to them. Bamboo used in these diapers resists odor and is the most abundant naturally occurring resource which grows without any need of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They are also free from latex alcohols or antioxidants. No PVC and phthalates are present in these diapers.

Wetness Indicator:

Wetness indicator line is present on the back line of the diaper which let the parent know when to change baby’s diaper. A yellow PH strip in the middle of diaper turns blue/green which indicates the wetness level of diaper.


  • Andy Pandy Diapers are chlorine free and latex free. No fragrance and dyes are added.
  • They are eco-friendly because they are 100% biodegradable. They cause no pollution.
  • They are silky soft on the baby’s skin. Bamboo used in these diapers makes them super soft and comfortable.
  • They are available in a simple plain white design.
  • They are phthalates free.
  • Good absorbent.
  • Prevent leakage and blowout.
  • Contain half the amount of SAP as compared to other diapers.
  • Odor resistant.


  • These diapers are much expensive as compared to other organic diapers.
  • They are difficult to find even in major stores.


Andy Pandy Diapers as the company claims are good for baby’s skin. Bamboo fiber used in these diapers makes them good in absorbing and preventing any leakage. Its 3-D fitting design helps a lot in preventing any blowout and mess. Moisture absorbing and temperature controlling bamboo sheets give super soft and comfortable feel to the baby’s skin. These diapers are 100% biodegradable and do not cause pollution. No chlorine, latex, PVC, fragrances and dyes are used for production of these diaper to ensure baby’s safety and healthy environment. Higher price of Andy Pandy Diapers as compared to other organic diapers leaves a negative impact on customers.

Customer Reviews:

I love these diapers! They are very absorbent, biodegradable and easy on my child’s sensitive skin. They feel like cloth and are made from renewable Bamboo. We have been using these since day one and haven’t had a hint of diaper rash. We’ll be using them for the foreseeable future.

We have tried every natural diaper on the market and Andy Pandy is by far the winner. Never leaks, and always so soft!

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