Simple Being Cloth Diapers

Simple Being cloth diapers are a brand that pride themselves on providing the market with quality, environmentally friendly diapers at incredibly low prices! They make sure that their diapers are made from organic, high quality materials so you can breathe easier knowing that your precious bub will be comfortable. Simple Being diapers are also not just easy on the environment, they’re easy on your wallet as well. The brand pride themselves on providing high quality cloth diapers at low prices. Simple Being simply cares and strives to keep your baby’s gentle skin both dry and rash free! 

Organic Cloth Pocket Diapers by Simple Being

These organic cloth diapers have a minimalist and elegant design. They have a flexible structure and several adorable unisex colours and patterns such as ‘Under the Sea’, ‘Space’ and ‘Forrest’, along with many others. Additionally, the diapers come with a complimentary diaper bag and six microfiber or bamboo liners to help prevent any rashes or skin irritation. These high quality diapers aren’t just cute though, they are also absorbent and eco-friendly too! 

Simple Being cloth diapers are one of the best chemical free, environmentally friendly, cute and comfortable cloth diaper brands around!

How to Use

  • Adjust the snaps on the diaper so they fit your baby snugly
  • Insert a Simple Being bamboo cloth diapers insert and fasten it in place
  • Use the snaps to secure your baby in the diaper
  • Change the diaper insert when it is wet or soiled, you’ll know because you’ll feel a bit of dampness on the diaper
  • For overnight use, you can use up to two diaper inserts in the diaper. Make sure to adjust the diaper one size bigger so your baby is more comfortable

Materials and Benefits

  • Simple Being cloth diapers are made from high quality, low irritant materials such as bamboo and organic cotton
  • The cloth diaper inserts are made up of four layers of either microfiber or bamboo, depending which you choose
  • There are no unsafe synthetics or unsafe materials in these diapers
  • They are super absorbent and keep any moisture away from your baby’s gentle skin
  • The centre snap on the diaper allows for a more accurate alignment on your baby


Prepping and Care

  • Make sure to wash the cloth diapers before first use
  • These diapers are machine washable, just make sure your water is under 30˚ C (86˚ F)
  • Wash using your regular, gentle detergent
  • Remove any solids from the diaper inserts before washing
  • Wash the diaper inserts and diaper cover separately from your other laundry

Protection for your Baby

Simple Being cloth diapers are made with no harmful chemicals. They also feature a leak free leg gusset, so your bub is safe from any skin irritation or nappy rash. 

Size and Fit

  • Simple Being cloth diapers can fit both newly born babies and toddlers
  • This is because these diapers have adjustable snaps that allow the diaper to grow as your baby does 
  • The diapers will fit snugly around your baby’s waist and legs, meaning that they can sleep through the night without soaking through their diaper
  • These diapers are super lightweight and will not look bulky on your baby because of their several snaps that make sure the diaper is a perfect fit

Handy Tips

You can add a little salt in the water when you wash the diapers to help remove stains. Avoid using soaps to clean your diapers because they can leave a residue that can affect your diapers absorbency. Using a chorine-based bleach is not recommended as it can cause damage to the diaper and potentially irritate your baby’s skin or cause diaper rash.

The Verdict?

Simple Being cloth diapers are definitely a household staple for those with kids. They are a great value investment because they will last you a long time, meaning you won’t be constantly spending money to buy new diapers. Simple Being is also chemical free, as the brand prides itself of making sure the bub’s wearing their diapers are super safe. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, great quality cloth diaper brand, then Simple Being diapers are simply perfect for you!


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