Being comfortable matters – Does the Honest Diapers stack up when it comes to comfort!

Being a parent, you would agree that choosing a diaper for your little one is difficult. You want a healthy and comfortable diaper for your child to avoid any health risks as their skin is more sensitive and of course, performance is needed.

Honest Baby Diapers review

The super-absorbent,ultra-soft and eco-friendly disposable diapers from The Honest Company.

There are many diapers brand in the market, and Honest company is one of them manufacturing over 140 products including household accessories and diapers are one of the most selling product.

The company’s idea was brought by Jessica Alba (An American actress and businesswomen) with help of Christopher Gavilan. Alba was not happy to use other brands household and consumer products for herself and her babies so she decided to start research and ended up building her own company to manufacture safer and more effective consumer products.

Diapers are the best selling products of honest and the reason behind it is that they are eco-friendly, free of chemical toxin additives and safer for your child. The bonus is they come in adorable printed themes according to the season. So Honest company’s diapers are best for your child if you are looking for toxin-free and healthy diapers.

Now let’s talk about what we like and what we don’t like about honest baby diapers.

Let’s dive in……

What We like about honest diapers?

The absorbent core is made up of wheat and corn blended with plant-derived pulp. The inner and outer layers are also manufactured by plant based material. They are hypoallergenic and are not processed with chlorine and bleach. Most people are wary that there should be no chemicals in a diapers as they remain in touch with baby’s bottom so there are no fragrances, lotion, latex and other chemical additives. The ink used in printing on back sides is also free of lead or any heavy material. All these attributes make it a good choice for many parents. A stinking diaper is not liked by anyone, so there are natural odor inhibitor in the honest baby diapers to prevent any unpleasant smell. The stretchy side panels and tabs makes them a comfortable fit.

They are fun to use as the printed themes on them make you smile while you’re changing your wiggled baby.

What We Don’t Like about honest diapers

Diapers should be affordable and inexpensive, but honest company has a negative point regarding this factor. They are a little expensive as compared to other brands in the market. They should be cheaper.

Besides being expensive, their durability is another issue for many user as the little ones move a lot and require frequent changes over time. If you’re going somewhere in a party or dinner where you can get late, you may have to change your baby and this is what you would not like at all.

Diapers should tell itself that it need to be change and can’t hold up anymore, But there is no wetness indicator in honest diapers to tell you that your baby is wet or done poop and you should go for a change. So you need to check by yourself and no one want to do that especially in public.

The leaks are experienced by many user and they complaint that they start leaking if baby’s bottom is little sized up so they go for a Honest Company diapers bigger size more often as compared to other brands. It is advised to use a little large size to prevent blowout.

Honest Diaper Pros

  • Tested by Dermatologists and proven hypoallergenic and don’t cause any allergy to the sensitive skin of your child.
  • They are eco-friendly
  • They are made chlorine-free (TCF) and bleach free
  • They are made without fragrance, latex. lotion and other chemical additives
  • The super absorbent core is made up of natural pulp from trees giving a feel of softness and silkiness
  • leg cuffs are adjustable and help to prevent any leaks and blowout which is the primary function of a diaper.
  • The soft side panels are stretchable and have tabs on them which allow custom and comfortable fit.
  • The inner and outer are made up of plant-based material giving a gentle feel on your little’s skin.
  • Odor Inhibitors Citrus extract and liquid chlorophyll are naturally present and absorb any unpleasant smell keeping your baby clean and fresh.
  • They come in printed themes which are fun and adorable for you and your child.

Honest Diaper Cons

  • They are little expensive as compared to other available disposable diapers.
  • There is no wetness indicator to tell you that your baby is in need to change.
  • The durability is less and frequent changes are required.
  • The front is non-stretchable making it difficult to fit if the baby is having a big belly.
  • They usually leak when your baby’s bottom is little sized up.

Customers Honest Diaper Reviews 2021

We’ve collected some customers review to help you to make decision whether you should go for them or is it just a waste of money.

“We love these but they are little expensive. They work great”

“This was a great gift for my new born twins”

“I love that they are biodegradable and don’t use any perfumes or dyes, but unfortunately they just don’t work for my child, she has chubby legs and they did never fit around them”

Where to buy them?

You can buy them from the official website of or


Q: Do these hold up well and not leak?

Yes! They do, great buy

Q:How do these compare to pampers?

They are not as soft as pampers honestly, but they are more absorbent and they don’t smell like pampers. The chance of blowout is less because it goes up on the back.


Your baby’s bottom should be clean and Honest Diapers Company has helped you in this regard by launching diapers. They are made up of natural and plant based materials providing a safer and healthier environment for baby and eco system. They are also far away from lotion, fragrance, latex and other chemicals as they can cause irritation or allergy to the gentle skin of your baby. Instead of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) which are normally used in diapers to absorb liquid, the honest diapers core contains wheat and corn for the same purpose.

If you more often attend functions and you want baby to dress up according to the event, you are good to go for honest baby diapers. Although there is no wetness indicator but its super thin layer expands when it gets wet, and you can go for a change.

The customer’s reviews are pretty random they also like Nature Diaper . Some parents loved to have them while others complain about leaks and blowout. Some also say that size is another problem as they are small. But this can be solved by moving up to the next size once you notice that it does no fit or leaks and blowouts  start happening.

Well, it is a winning product if you want your baby to stay away from chemicals and you also don’t want to harm the nature.

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