Disposable Diapers are something that every parent comes in contact with for their newborn, and not everything that is available online can be considered safe. Most of the people using diapers have no idea that these may contain harmful or toxic material which can harm their children skin and can cause hormone disruption, asthma, cancer, chemical burns, skin rashes, and eczema. Father to be or Mother to be first-timers, usually have no idea what they are buying for their newborn and the problems that comes with it, e.g. diaper busting plain open as their baby sleeps, leaking during the night. These are of course some issues that almost every parent faces.

Some of the harmful chemicals found in the typical disposable diapers found in the market are:

  • Phthalates
  • Artificial Fragrances Safest Non Toxic Disposable Diapers
  • Organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT )
  • Dyes
  • Heavy Metal
  • Dioxins
  • Chlorine (Cl)
  • Formaldehyde (HCHO)
  • Azo Pigments
  • Allergens
  • PVS
  • Colophonium


Health Professionals and pediatricians all have agreed that these chemicals are hazardous in one way or another and can cause health issues in case of skin contact or ingestion in one way or another. Some of the chemicals found are not put there on purpose but are formed as a result of manufacturing by-product, e.g. dioxins are formed in the process of chlorine bleaching. Organic disposable diapers are here for you to save the day and you can use them to avoid these chemicals.  Luckily when it comes to Bambo Nature Diaper Review, we have done hard work for you.

Finding a diaper that is flawless is a difficult task, and bamboo nature diapers are quite close to perfection in this regard. So why should you choose Bambo Nature Diapers above all others available in the market?

Health and Safety: Natural Ingredients

Bambo Diapers deliver what they promise a safe organic diaper that does not contain any harmful chemical. Their main focus is to provide their users with a product that is non-toxic and best. The company has a strong will of providing diapers with as few additives and irritants as possible. Most of the diaper companies do not list their ingredients used in the manufacturing process, but bambo Is pretty transparent in this regard and lists down products used in their production. Experts in Abena carefully monitor the whole manufacturing process and make sure that everything is done excellently. These diapers do not contain any of the chemicals listed above and are completely non-toxic. Regarding safety, Abena has undoubtedly taken the lead in creating a product that is pure, safe and reliable.


The diapers are very stretchy and super soft. Inner liner and back fabric are made up of bamboo for these diapers. The fabric, as a result, is pretty soft and causes no roughness in addition to this the motion points are also skin-friendly thus making it more comfortable for the baby to move around without irritation. The back elastic of the diapers is very strong thus keeping the diaper up and allowing the young one to move freely. Side wings are also stretchy with proper positioning, and the fitness is also functional, this is especially good for babies who are super active. There are bands present around the leg areas which add another line of protection as well. If you want to check the situation multiple times a day don’t worry a bit as the side straps can be unfastened as many times as you want and they will not lose their closing power. Bambo diaper makes sure that the straps are appropriately closed and will not open up suddenly.


Bambo made recent changes in its diapers that has affected its absorption capability. The diaper has excellent absorption capability and can hold a big load so don’t worry. Absorption is essential feature of any diaper as any moisture on the baby skin can cause irritation. This being said bambo diapers are even useful in overnight repeated wetting.


The primary purpose of a diaper is to be able to absorb liquids and prevent leaking and bamboo in this regard is good enough. However, some online reviewers said that the diaper showed leaking. This type of occasional leaking can depend on many factors, so overall bamboo diapers are leak proof and perform quite well.


The diapers come in 6 sizes, and their size panels are flexible that pull comfortably around the baby which gives a perfect fit. Sine two babies with the same weights can have a completely different body type, so bamboo nature diapers are manufactured to overlap slightly on sizing. Please refer to the table below to check the sizing.

Size 1 2 3 4 5 6
Weight 4 – 11 lbs 7 – 13 lbs 9 – 20 lbs 15 – 40 lbs 24 – 55 lbs 33 – 66 lbs
Number of diapers per bag 28 30 33 30 27 22
Number of bags per case 6 6 6 6 6 6

 Disposable Diaper Sizing Chart

If your baby has a tall and lean physique choose a smaller size, for babies who are short and bulky choose a larger diaper size.

Size 5 6
Weight 26 – 44 lbs 40+ lbs
Number of training pants per bag 20 18
Number of bags per case 5 5

 Disposable Training Pants Sizing Chart

The back of these diapers is slightly raised so they might look a little bigger but don’t worry they will fir perfectly.


Freedom of moment is something that every child wants and is necessary for strong legs when the child is learning to walk or crawl especially. As mentioned earlier these diapers are very stretchy, so they fit the baby very well if you have chosen the right size. No matter how active the baby is, they can be super helpful to them and provide complete movement support. The side straps of these diapers are reliable and can be unfastened very quickly if you want to change the diaper.

Environmental Friendly

Bambo is making every effort to make its diapers more and more environmentally friendly, so it won’t be wrong to say that bamboo is a green diaper as compared to others in the market. The best practice they follow is that they disclose all the ingredients on their diaper and that is what attracts and fascinates natural diaper loving parents. Bambo is living up to a certain standard regarding manufacturing the proof of this is the Nordic Sawn endorsement which is hard to earn and keep. These diapers have a positive influence on nature. They can be partially degraded after use which indicates the Eco-friendliness of this product.


The diapers aren’t much durable, to be honest. But It doesn’t matter as the baby is not going to spend the whole life in a single diaper. Complaints have surfaced in the past by online reviewers of diapers falling apart. Overall, the diapers have medium durability and can hold a lot of stuff in them, so you don’t need to worry about them getting open.


The first impressions of these diapers are not very good, and they look a little bit bulky, but they fit perfectly there is no doubt about that. The reason for them looking big is the higher back sheet which increases the total length of the diaper. Don’t worry they look entirely normal underneath. Due to the soft material, the baby clothes slide over them very quickly. This higher back is particularly perfect for preventing leaks.

Features of Bambo Diapers Include

  1. There are three things that the new design of bamboo diaper accomplishes
  • The new wrapped core is used to cover the fluff and superabsorbent material providing stability.
  • Less raw material usage.
  • Focuses on absorption as it is the primary purpose of a diaper.
  1. To make sure that your child has an active and full of energy day the hook and loop fasteners are very easy to adjust and can be opened and closed as often as necessary.
  2. To reduce the likelihood of rashes and irritation bambo uses breathable backsheet providing a more comfortable experience to the little one.
  3. New Innovative, flexible side panels offer an easy fit and freedom of movement.
  4. To prevent irritation and rashes, there is no elastic used in the waistband.
  5. There are diapers are thinner and skinny with excellent absorbency.
  6. Bambo diapers come with a wetness indicator which is a very cool feature helping the moms to know when to change the diaper.
  7. The Bambo diapers are tested dermatologically as indicated by the label on their package.
  8. Bambo Nature is the only diaper certified 100% free of chemicals
  9. Bambo is manufactured by Abena in Denmark with machines they own and operate.
  10. Certifications won by the company are ISO 14001 Certification, The Dermatologically Tested Label, The Forest Stewardship Council Label, Asthma & Allergy Association, Nordic Swan Eco-label.


Q: What makes bamboo nature different?

Ans: At Bambo Nature, we believe that choosing safe, gentle and eco-friendly products for your baby shouldn’t mean compromising performance. For over 30 years, we have been redefining the natural standard by manufacturing products using high quality, natural ingredients. We never add chemicals, dyes, parabens or perfumes and ensure that Bambo Nature products are free of all known allergens. Our dedication to transparency has paid off because our eco-friendly baby products are certified skin-safe and have received the world’s most stringent and coveted credentials, awards and ecolabels.

Q: Who are the people behind Bambo Nature?

Ans: Bambo Nature is owned and operated by Abena, a family-owned manufacturer and wholesaler of healthcare solutions and related products, headquartered in Aabenraa, Denmark since 1953. Denmark’s rigorous quality measures and eco-standards are at the core of Abena and Bambo Nature’s mission to provide safe, gentle and effective eco-friendly products. 

Q: Where are your products manufactured?

Ans: Bambo Nature uses the finest facilities to manufacture our products. Our diapers and skincare products are produced in Denmark, while our training pants are manufactured in Greece and our wipes are manufactured in Sweden.

Pros & Cons


  • Babies who have sensitive skin can wear them without any issue.
  • Babies can wear them from infancy to their toddler years.
  • Special overnight diaper costs are reduced as they are very good at absorbing and can be used at night.
  • They are thin and not so bulky making them breathable.
  • Various International Certifications


  • Hard to find in local stores. Can be easily bought online here
  • Thin material raises concerns whether it can handle big poop or not.
  • They are costly as compared to others.
  • They are not 100% leak proof.


Overall bamboo diaper is a perfect product with so many certifications this company is not in the market to fail. For parents who want their home to have less carbon footprint, these diapers are no less than a breeze. The only thing that mainly concerns the parents is the cost of these diapers. It is a product that is that is specifically designed for infants with sensitive skin, so they are highly recommended.

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