Best Organic Cloth Diapers 2020

Organic Cloth Diapers

What are the Best Organic Cloth Diapers for Babies?

Are all cloth diapers made equal? Well, no actually. Organic cloth diapers far and away outstrip the competition when it comes to customer satisfaction and their impact on the environment. According to our sources, some of the best are: ‘Thirsties All in One Cloth Diapers’, ‘Simple Being Cloth Diapers’ and ‘GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper System’. These have been chosen for their adjustable fit, absorbency and softness.

Which Brand of Organic Cloth Diaper is the Best?

Choosing between all the different organic cloth diaper brands on the market can prove to be a difficult task for parents. Organic cloth diapers come in many different shapes and sizes and it can be overwhelming to know which brands provide good quality options. Two of the best cloth diaper brands are ‘Alvababy’ and ‘Mama Koala’, for comfort and environmental impact and as a bonus, they are just so super cute!

Are Organic Cloth Diapers Actually Better for the Environment?

A non-biodegradable disposable diaper, while convenient, comes at the cost of the environment. Disposable diapers take around 200 – 500 years to break down in landfill as they are mostly composed of non-recyclable plastics. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, are made from sustainable, natural materials, which, when disposed of, will naturally decompose over time.

To make your organic cloth diaper even more environmentally friendly, you can also use a diaper liner. These can be flushable or compostable – although you might like to research the best composting methods for them. By adding a liner, heavy washing is decreased, creating even less of an impact on the environment.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers come with their advantages and disadvantages; they are reusable, more environmentally friendly, are not made any with chemicals and are a better long-term investment, which means, they are a far more cost-effective option for parents.

But if you aren’t committed to the cause, you might find the disadvantages of organic cloth diapers a bit of a road block. Cloth diapers can be messy because they are less absorbent than disposable diapers; you will need to do extra laundry to keep them clean; and if your little one has an accident while you’re out, you’ll have to carry around the dirty diaper (this is where diaper liners and diaper bags come in very handy!).

When it comes down to it, whether you choose organic cloth diapers or organic disposable diapers, you’ll be doing your bit to save our environment for all our little ones; in my humble opinion, a little inconvenience is a small price to pay!!

Check out our top 6 organic cloth diaper reviews below – you’re sure to find the perfect one for your baby or toddler.

Alvababy Cloth Diapers

Organic Cloth Diapers by Alvababy

As we all know that disposable diapers are expensive to keep replacing. Why not try these reusable, washable super-absorbent and comfortable cloth diapers for your precious. These reusable organic cloth diapers by Alvababy are adjustable to fit your baby and washable so you can keep using them over and over and over again until your baby outgrows them!


  • Outer layer is made using breathable and waterproof TPU with polyester
  • Inner layer is made using soft suede cloth
  • Insert three layers of microfiber 


    • Diaper has hip and crossover snaps for better fit
    • Washable, waterproof and breathable.
    • Comfortable elastic legging area to prevent leaking
    • Three layers of super absorbent 100% Microfiber Terry Cloth as insert
    • Great range of colors and designs
    • 1 year guarantee


      • Could have been a little bigger
      • May be quite bulky when soiled

      Mama Koala Cloth Diapers

      Organic Cloth Pocket Diapers by Mama Koala

      If you’re looking to save money, the environment, and your baby’s skin, you can’t go past Mama Koala pocket cloth diapers.  Cleverly made with a soft and absorbent suede inner liner while the TPU outer liner is TPU is waterproof and breathable.  It’s a “one size fits all” pocket diaper with adjustable snaps that can fit babies from 8lbs all the way to 36lbs – including one super soft and super absorbent microfiber insert.

      In just three simple steps you and your baby are on your way:

      1. Adjust the pocket diaper to suit your baby’s size using the adjustable snaps;
      2. Add a microfibre insert;
      3. Now put it on baby and you’re both away.

      It couldn’t be any easier, right!  And, as an added bonus, they are great quality, reasonably priced, and super cute!!


        • Waterproof Outer (TPU) – no cover needed
        • Lining wicks away moisture keeping baby’s skin dry and is super soft
        • Large Pocket for insert – perfect for hiding ultra-absorbent insert
        • Elastics used in leg area is gentle and comfy – no leakage and mess stays diaper
        • Snaps are adjustable providing a perfect fit
        • One size fits with adjustable snaps can be used from (8 – 35lbs)
        • Inserts are microfiber – 1 x 3 layer insert per diaper


          • No hip snap – Wings may tend to droop
          • May not be ideal for larger babies


            Simple Being Cloth Diapers

            Organic Cloth Diapers by Simple Being

            Simple Being Unisex Reusable Baby Cloth Diapers aren’t just easy on the environment, they’re easy on your wallet as well.  Our cloth diapers is made from healthy materials, so you can breathe easy knowing your precious one is safe.  Super absorbent and fits snugly around waist and legs so your baby can sleep through the night without soaking through his or her diaper.  Will keep your baby’s skin dry and rash free.

            Easy to wash and dry.  Comes in trendy and fun designs.  100% money back guarantee.

            These minimalists, simple and adjustable diapers, are very fashionable with design options, including Under the Sea, Forest, Space, Constellations, Geometrics, Knights Dragons, and Whimsical. They all also come with a complimentary, matching ash bag and six quality liners for rash prevention and skin irritation. A perfect fit is guaranteed thanks to the rugged rows of snaps as well as a center snap, which allows for a snug, perfect fitting diaper. With the combination of a snug fit as well as double inner leg gussets, leak prevention and breathability are ensured. There are no harmful chemicals or materials used to make these diapers. This all in one cloth diaper is also washable, and more environmentally friendly.


              • Double leg gussets
              • Breathable Waterproof cover
              • Adjustable snaps assure perfect fit and avoid wing droop
              • Reusable and washable
              • Soft and comfortable
              • Lining helps prevents skin rash
              • High quality fabric wicks away moisture
              • Ultra absorbent
              • No harmful chemicals
              • Trendy unisex designs
              • 100% Money Back Guarantee!


                • May not be ideal for larger babies

                Wegreeco Cloth Diapers

                Organic Cloth Diapers by Wegreeco

                Wegreeco strives to make things that save money, and are kind to the environment by reducing the amount of trash a family produces. We are on a mission to bring more reusable products into homes by making them practical and beautiful.
                When you buy and use a reusable product, you are showing your children how to care for the world they will inherit.

                We care deeply about our customers’concern. That’s why we are confident our reusable diapers, they will help dogs of all ages lead a healthier and happier life. Give our dog diapers a try, you have nothing to lose!


                • One size fits all
                • Bamboo and microfiber hybrid inserts are soft and absorbent
                • Superior Material
                • High Absorption
                • Leakage Free
                • Easy to use and machine washable
                • Wet bag included
                • Cheerful Colors


                • The cover and inserts need to be washed separately
                • Not best for newborns

                OsoCozy Cloth Diapers

                Prefold Cloth Diapers by OsoCozy 

                The unbleached version of OsoCozy is one of the finest prefold diapers for babies with rash-prone skin. It comes in various sizes and size 1 is suitable for infants of 7-15 lbs. Each diaper measures 12”x16”. The size reduces by 5-10% after washing. 

                The size 1 can be a little too tight for big and healthy newborns. However, for small babies, this is the ideal size. Since the diapers are long but not wide enough, it’s easier to tri-fold the fabric instead of fastening with a Snappi. 

                It doesn’t leave any extra fabric to fold down. But that’s not a big deal for me, anyway. These prefold diapers are quite easy to put on after two or three attempts. OsoCozy comes with simple step-by-step folding instructions to help you with the process. 


                  • Very easy to fold. 
                  • Extra absorbency makes it an ideal sleep time diaper. 
                  • Soft material.
                  •  Size 1 is ideal for small babies with sensitive skin while size 2 is best for big and stout kids. 
                  • Hides stains well. 


                    • Could have been a little bigger
                    • May be quite Bulky when soiled

                    Humble BeBe Cloth Diapers

                    Prefold Cloth Diapers by Humble BeBe 

                    Humble Bebe pre-fold cloth diapers are prewashed premium cotton prefold organic diapers which can fit your newborn babies up to toddlers (10-30lbs).

                    These cloth diapers are made from a super soft, breathable material. It keeps both diaper rashes and redness away from your baby’s skin. Compared to most cloth diapers I have dealt with in my mommy life, it’s lighter weight and exceptionally absorbent. 

                    The diapers consist of multiple thick layers that efficiently absorb pee and runny poop. This should save you the ordeal of waking up at midnight just to change nappies. If you are tired of searching for the best prefold diaper to tackle blowout poop, give this one a chance. 


                      • Uses highly absorbent material, capable of containing blowout poop. 
                      • Easy on the skin and safe for the environment too. 
                      • Great at covering stains. 
                      • Pre-shrunk, therefore, will hold its shape for a long time. 
                      • Requires minimal prepping. 
                      • Can double up as burp cloths. 


                        • May not be ideal for larger babies

                        Gerber Cloth Diapers

                        Prefold Cloth Diapers by Gerber Birdseye

                        Gerber cloth diapers are comfortable, versatile, and absorbent! Each diaper in this pack is made with 100% birdseye cotton, a soft material that is perfect to wear against baby’s delicate skin. Birdseye cotton is a wonderfully absorbent material that may help to prevent skin irritations and diaper rashes. This pack includes ten birdseye cotton prefold diapers by Gerber.

                        Appropriate to use as newborn diapers all the way up to when baby is ready to potty train, these diapers stand the test on time! When you have a squirming child to change, the 3-ply prefold quickens the pace at which you can get a fresh diaper on and keeps the diaper folded at an optimal width. Their convenient size fits well within diaper shells of all kinds and makes them easy to store in diaper organizers as well as diaper bags.


                          • 100% Cotton
                          • Lightweight fabric
                          • Super soft
                          • Super absorbent
                          • Quick drying
                          • Each individual diaper measures 20”x 14” inches
                          • Machine washable


                            • May not be ideal for larger babies

                            Ecoable Cloth Diapers

                            Fitted Overnight Cloth Diaper Set by Ecoable

                            We’re dedicated to giving you the very best cloth diapers, with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness. We are building this way a heritage of quality and innovation that has earned us the trust of many families.

                            Founded in 2012 by Marina Shafran, ecoAble has come a long way from its beginnings in a home office, in San Francisco. When we first started out, our passion for cloth diapering and always wanting to be around kids drove us to start an online store, and gave us the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into to a booming cloth diapering online store. We now serve customers Worldwide, and are thrilled to be a part of the eco-friendly, wing of the cloth diapering industry.


                            • Hemp and cotton materials
                            • Adjustable using snap closures and soft elastic ensure a comfortable fit
                            • Hypoallergenic
                            • Naturally antibacterial
                            • Super absorbent soaker pads snap to diaper cover  
                            • Waterproof and breathable PUL diaper cover 


                            • Needs cloth diaper cover 

                            Thirsties Cloth Diapers

                            Natural One Size All in One Cloth Diaper by Thirsties

                            Thirsties Natural One-Size All-in-One diaper is a premium organic cloth diaper! This new natural cloth diaper boasts 11 layers of natural fibers making it super-absorbent, including 3 layers of organic cotton in the body and 2 soaker pads with 8 layers of hemp/organic cotton.

                            Whether you’re a new parent or an old hand at parenting, you will love this new super-absorbent All in One natural cloth diaper.  It’s super-absorbent, trim fitting with gentle elastic and super easy to use – just check out the video below.


                            • 100% certified organic cotton and hemp 
                            • USA manufactured
                            • High-quality diaper
                            • Reasonably priced
                            • Super-absorbent 
                            • Relatively trim fit
                            • Flaps are attached on the same end of the diaper which is more convenient, in my opinion.
                            • Better dry time (due to flaps)
                            • Trendy patters and colors


                            • May not be ideal for larger babies
                            • No moisture-wicking layer against baby’s skin
                            • The soaker pads are attached at only one end, making them flaps. 

                            Grovia Cloth Diapers

                            Reusable Hybrid Cloth Diapers by Grovia

                            Everybody wins with Grovia Hybrid Cloth Diapers.  They are soft, comfortable and flexible as well as eco-friendly and thrifty. 

                            This premium quality cloth diaper system is waterproof and adjustable, so it’s great fitting with no leaking and great fitting with adjustable snap closures.

                            Another great feature is it’s machine washable, so totally thrifty too. Of course,  you do need to remove solids before washing in warm water using a mild detergent.


                            • Great and functional AI2 system
                            • Soakers snap into diaper’s shell
                            • Fits babies from 8lbs to 30 lbs
                            • No-prep soakers are super-absorbent
                            • Gussets contain poop, so no blowouts
                            • Extra TPU keeps shell dry
                            • Microfleece helps to keeps baby dry and comfortable
                            • No wing droop
                            • Durable, large snaps
                            • Polyester mesh lining dries quickly;


                            • May be a bit larger around legs for smaller baby
                            • No-prep soakers may be slightly bulky

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