Reusable i Play Swim Diapers

Green Sprouts, i play® was founded in 1982, by Becky Cannon. This mother-daughter owned and operated company has been in business for more than three decades.  Their company’s mission is to provide healthy and practical products for the well-being and development of babies and children and to provide parents natural resources to help them along the way, which makes their reusable swim diapers one of the best organic diapers.

Snap Reusable I Play Swim Diapers by Green Sprouts Baby Clothing

Helps provide secure protection for babies & swimmers

i play swim diapers are the original reusable Swim Diaper manufacturer and has a patented three-layer design. The wicking liner helps prevent diaper rash, the inner absorbent layer helps protect against messes outside the pool, and the waterproof outer layer works with the snug-fitting waist and legs to provide secure protection from unsanitary and embarrassing accidents in the pool.

Premium Eco-friendly, super-comfortable, reusable swim diapers


i play.® by Green Sprouts Reusable Swim Diapers allow your baby to move freely while in the water and not be weighed down.  There is no bulky fabric to deal with so baby will feel super-comfortable.  The reusable swim diaper’s clever design means swim diaper is trim that your baby can also wear either the reusable swim diaper under a swimsuit.  The designs and colors are so cute you can also have your baby wear the swimming diaper on its own.  

Comfort and Breathability:

i play.®‘s patented triple-layer design is super-effective and provides ultra-comfort for your baby.  The breathable wick liner helps prevent from diaper rash.  The absorbent inner layer, waterproof outer layer and snug-fitting waist and legs all work together to help keep messes in the diaper and not the pool!!  The waist and legs are snug-fitting and the outer lining is waterproof which all helps to prevent accidents in the pool!


i play.® by Green Sprouts chooses health and safety as their top priority.  As a result, they choose only quality material that are safe, as well as exceeding international standards.  Wherever possible, Green Sprouts choose natural materials:

  • Organic
  • Plant-based
  • Renewable resource
  • Reusable
  • Knitted polyester
  • Grow with Baby
  • Interchangeable
  • USA Grown


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Patented, triple-layer protection
  • Wicking liner pulling moisture away
  • Absorbent inner layer offers protection out of the water
  • Waterproof outer layer
  • Easy-lock snaps
  • Only Water-based stains used
  • Machine washable
  • UPF 20+/50+ sun protection
  • 100% UVA/UVB
  • No Formaldehyde or azo dyes
  • Rayosan™ process increases the ability to block UV rays.


With the environmentally-friendly choices Green Sprouts have made in the production of their i play.®  adjustment reusable swimming diaper, you can be assured that your baby will be safe wearing them.  As you can see from the materials and benefits listed above, Green Sprouts have made every effort to produce the safest possible swimming diaper both for your baby and the environment.

Handy Tips:

This swim diaper is not meant to provide leak-proof protection and will only hold small amounts of urine.  It is recommended changing your baby into a swimming diaper just before entering the water.  Once the swim diaper has been fully immersed in water, the absorbent layer will no longer be effective at absorbing more urine.

For moms and dads information, a 12 month size, Snap Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper weighs 2 ounces when dry and 7.5 ounces once fully immersed in water.

The Reusable Absorbent i play Swim Diapers are cleverly designed to be super-soft and ultra-comfortable because the soft, wicking liner is sewn over the elastic waist and legs, which is much gentler on your baby’s delicate skin while still providing a snug fit. However, the elastic should not be so tight that it leaves marks on your baby’s skin. 

The Verdict?

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly reusable and adjustable swimming diaper, you can’t go past i play.®  by Green Sprouts.  They tick all the boxes for moms and dads wanting a cost-effective swimming diaper that is super-soft, super-comfortable and totally adjustable for their baby and environmentally friendly as well. Check them out today!!


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