Wegreeco Swim Diapers

Wegreeco makes products to save you money and, at the same time, be environmentally friendly.  Their mission is to produce more practical and beautiful reusable products, like Wegreeco Swim Diapers. By purchasing reusable products, you are showing your children how to care for the environment that they will eventually inherit from us.  What better way for them to learn.

Wegreeco Swim Diapers – Reusable and Adjustable Swim Diapers

Wegreeco Swim Diapers are adjustable and reusable swimming diapers and are a great choice for your baby’s water fun and learning to swim classes.  You can’t go past these amazing reusable swimming diapers which come in a super-cute 3 pack.

Its clever design and snug fit ensures your baby is super-comfortable while having fun in the pool or at the beach, without mass evacuations because of escaping poo!!

Considered to be one of the reusable swimming diapers because of the superior quality and eco-friendly materials used, its effectiveness and baby’s comfort level, not to mention the super-cute colors and patterns.  Try them out – you won’t be disappointed!!


Wegeeo Reusable Swim Diapers are completely adjustable – it’s simply a matter of adjusting the sides and groin snaps for a snug fit as your baby grows.  There is super-gentle elastic at leg and waist openings also, which ensure a perfect fit every time.

Wegreeco Swim Diapers Sizes:

  • Large –  9 months – 3 years old, 20-40 lbs
  • Small – 0-8 months, weight 10-19 lbs


The waterproof outer layer, made of PUL,  of this reusable swimming diaper is designed to be super-comfortable while retaining solids (so poo stays in the diaper, not the pool!!).   The mesh inner layer is super-soft, as are the comfort seams which help to keep away diaper rash.  The use of stretchy lycra bindings polyester elastics around leg and waist openings make these swim diapers easy to put on and take off.   Your baby will be super-comfortable with this great swimming diaper that fits perfectly and dries quickly.


  • Outer layer is 100% polyester which is  designed to keep solids in diaper – not the pool
  •  Interior Super soft polyester mesh for easy clean up offering comfort against baby’s sensitive skin.
  • polyester


  • Secure Comfortable Fit
  • Lightweight & Convenient
  • All-In-One Design
  • No Swell or Sag
  • Easy-lock Snaps
  • Colorful Style
  • Machine Washable


These fitted organic diapers are made with eco-friendly materials and designed to prevent diaper rash.  They are also made with lightweight material that is not absorbent.  This means that your baby will not be weighed down by the diaper swelling up or sagging while learning to swim or playing at the beach.

Wegreeco swim diapers are more convenient because your baby does not need to wear any other swimming diaper or swimsuit over the top. They’re reusable too, which means you will be washing them with a laundry detergent of your choice, not someone else’s – and you can continue to use them again and again and again!

Handy Tips:

The swimming diaper is designed to keep solids in, not urine. With this in mind, it is recommended that you use a cloth insert while your baby is not in the water or, if you prefer, change your baby into a reusable swim diaper just before getting into water.

Remember to tip solids into the toilet prior to washing, and store reusable swim diapers in dry pail until you’re ready to wash. You can hand or machine wash swimming diapers in cold or warm water but please use a gentle cycle.  They can be line dried or low temp (under 30°C or 86°F but only at low temp of less than 30°C /86°F.

Don’t use any bleach or softeners and don’t use boiling water.

The Verdict?

Wegreeco Swim Diapers are reusable and adjustable and are a great eco-friendly choice for parents looking for an environmentally friendly swimming diaper for their baby which actually fits well and is very efficient.

These reusable swim diapers are super-popular with moms and dads looking for an eco-friendly, cost-effective swimming diaper that is super-soft, super-comfortable and totally adjustable as their baby grows.  On top of all that, their patterns and colors are super-cute and you’ll love them. Check Wegreeco Swim Diapers out today, your baby is going to love them!!


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